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Learn to own the glory of your body and the magnificence of your soul...

 focusing on your real life 
     instead of obsessing about your body 
 living in a body that is a source of fun and delight 
     instead of hiding in a shell of shame and pain
 loving the form you have 
     instead of pursuing the "perfect body"
 accessing your innate wisdom 
     instead of relying on external approval
 feeling enthusiastic and full of life 
     instead of drowning in frustration, depression, and guilt
 standing in the true power of your being 
     instead of putting on a Madison Avenue costume
 enjoying foods that nourish and delight 
     instead of ingesting fad diets that discourage and dehumanize
 participating in activities that strengthen and enliven 
     instead of exercising with drudgery and force
 talking about new possibilities 
     instead of processing old problems

Authentic Body Coaching is the radical act of learning to trust yourself and live fully in your miraculous body. Whether you want to lose weight, get and stay healthy, or make radical changes, coaching provides the support and accountability for you to achieve your goals and step into your life. It's time for you!

Reclaim YOUR authentic body!


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