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Presence of Body is about helping people live lusty lives, whatever the size. It's more than a business; it's a new way of thinking about our bodies and our lives!

Founder, Moira Mallison, is devoted to bringing people home to their bodies. She has walked through the fire herself (literally and figuratively) and brings a wealth of experience, courage, and training to her work.

Moira is passionate and determined. She'll fight for you, protect you and always tell it like it is. She knows what it takes to live a gutsy, vibrant, fulfilling life, because she's been creating one for 40 years. Whether it's training for a marathon, dancing to the beat of the goddess drum, challenging social consciousness, juicing ideas with friends, or learning new skills, Moira is committed to contributing to life in a big way.

Certified by the Coaches Training Institute, Moira achieved further certifications as a Bigger Game coach and trainer. . She's also trained with Angeles Arrien in The Four-Fold Way , Dr. Bob Schwartz in Diets Don't Work, and Geneen Roth in Breaking Free from Compulsive Eating.

Moira's exuberance, joy, and insight will lovingly call forth the best in you! From this place of strength, you'll be able to do what it takes to more fully embody your true self and live the life that's meant for you.

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