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Group Coaching
Want to make a "no kidding!" commitment to changing behaviors around food, weight and body image. The groups meet by telephone four times per month for 1 hour. Includes in-between buddy assignments and support. Upcoming groups include:

  • Authentic Eating Mastermind

Based on The Wisdom of Wallace D. Wattles and Diets Don't Work, you will learn to make sustainable changes in your eating behavior and your relationship with food.

  • Authentic Movement Mastermind

Like Margaret, you can learn to bring the joy back to moving your body!  Based on The Intrinsic Exerciser, members of this group will focus on creating a sustainable, movement program to support a strong, healthy body.

  • Bigger Game Players Mastermind

A fundamental aspect of the Bigger Game model is Allies. Deepen your understanding of the model and move forward powerfully and courageously in your bigger game with the support of mastermind partners.

  • Authentic Body Project Book Club

Learn powerful new perspectives and take action to shed the cultural norms about food, dieting, exercise and body image.  Suggested titles for upcoming groups include One Small Step Can Change Your Life, The Slow Down Diet, and The Healing Secrets of Food.


Individual Coaching
The total focus in on you, your dreams and goals, and what will help you achieve it. Includes three or four 30-minute sessions per month, accountability and email connection.

Move into a gutsy, vibrant, fulfilling life.

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