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Moira dramatically and positively influenced my life.  She coached me over three years ago,

and I still feel the ripple of her influence.  Her gentle questioning combined with a fierce compassion

gave me just the right twist of support and challenge to deeply examine my relationship to food

and to my body. During our individual coaching sessions, Moira inspired me, taught me,

laughed with me, gave me hope, kicked me in the ass, held my hand – none of it was formulaic. 

Everything she did was a direct and present response to me and my personal journey. 

Here’s a specific example of Moira’s magic: 

I wanted to develop a regular exercise routine (who doesn’t?), and no matter what I tried,

I always cycled back to couch potato land.  Moira helped me design an accountability system

where I checked in with her daily for three weeks to establish the habit that I was seeking. 

She never judged me.   She only supported me and gently probed when I faltered. 

As the weeks went by, and I gradually became more independent with my exercise,

Moira asked me, “What do you think about when you run?”  I paused and then I confessed,

“How much further I have to run.” 

Moira told me to slow down.  Yikes!?!?? Slow down?  I was already running an 11-minute mile. 

Aren’t I supposed to speed up?  “Slow down and return to the joy of the movement,” she told me. 

Something in her tone reached me and I recognized her deep wisdom, and I followed her guidance. 

I slowed down despite all of the cultural messages that told me otherwise.  I slowed down enough

to feel the joy, and now, three years later, I sometimes silently thank Moira when I walk in the mornings. 

She gifted me with sustainability.  And even more importantly, she heard a yearning within me

that I didn’t know was there.

Margaret Graham

Ft. Collins, CO







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